• Author or source: Toth Laszlo
  • Created: 2002-02-11 17:43:15
  • Linked files: rvfft.ps.
  • Linked files: rvfft.cpp.
A paper (postscript) and some C++ source for 4 different fft algorithms, compiled by Toth
Laszlo from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Group on Artificial Intelligence.
Toth says: "I've found that Sorensen's split-radix algorithm was the fastest, so I use
this since then (this means that you may as well delete the other routines in my source -
if you believe my results)."


Thank you very much, this was useful, and it worked right out of the box,
so to speak. It's very efficient, and the algorithm is readable. It also includes some
very useful functions.