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Open-sourced collaborations!

VowelSynth. Tobybear Vs. Smartelectronix strike again.

This is a simple VST plugin (PC only) by Tobybear ( using the formant filter algorithm from Alex (alex @ smartelectronix), hence it is called another "Tobybear VS SmartElectronix" open source plugin thing. The full Delphi source code is included as this is mainly just a simple example to show how you could implement some DSP related things in Delphi.

VowelSynth is a VSTi (VST instrument) that reacts to MIDI input by generating a (non-bandlimited) waveform (saw, square or noise) of the appropriate frequency and filters this waveform then with Alex' formant filter. Simple envelope and glide control is also included. VowelFilter is the effect version of this plugin which processes the audio input with the formant filter. If you have a host that can send MIDI notes to effect plugins, you can also use the effect plugin just like the regular synth: as soon as a MIDI note is received, the appropriate waveform will be generated.

Windows: Get the zip-file with compiled project and full source here

TobyBear Vs. Bram @ SmartElectron:x MadShifta!

Tobybear, Bram @ SmartElectronix and bring you an open source, free VST plugin, developed in Delphi...

This new mad contraption does lo-fi pitch-shifting and mental feedback effects!! It even has midi control over the pitch shifting.
More details inside the zip-file or here!

Windows: Get the zip-file with compiled project and full source here

Mac: The Mac-version (Mac OS and OS-X) was created by Marc from Destroy Fx.
Marc translated the full delphi source to C++ again!! Many thanx! Get it here

The code is based on a basic pitch-shifter, coded by Bram in C, translated by Toby to Delphi. Toby added some more features and a funkie GUI... There aren't many VST plugins coded in Delphi so both Bram and Toby thought it was a good idea to open-source it!

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