Envelope Detector class (C++)

Type : envelope detector
References : Posted by Citizen Chunk
Linked file : http://www.chunkware.com/opensource/EnvelopeDetector.zip
Notes :
This is a C++ implementation of a simple envelope detector. The time constant (ms) represents the time it takes for the envelope to charge/discharge 63% (RC time constant).

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from : citizenchunk [at] chunkware [dot] com
comment : due to popular demand, i have added an AttRelEnvelope class to this source, implementing a typical attack/release envelope. for my own taste, i prefer to keep the state variable separate from the envelope detector. however, if you prefer to have it as a member variable, you can easily inherit these classes and add them. (but please remember to add a function for initializing the state before runtime.)

from : citizenchunk [at] chunkware [dot] com
comment : link moved: http://www.chunkware.com/downloads/simpleSource.zip

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comment : hi, all, could someone add new link, because the old one is not working any more.. or I'm stupid and can not open t properly.. Thanks a lot.

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comment : chunkware.com is dead Could someone who downloaded this back when chunkware.com was still a live site please upload it? Thank you.

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comment : This web archive might help http://web.archive.org/web/20060819044036/http://www.chunkware.com/?page_id=5

from : crustyolddude[AT]gmail[DOT]com
comment : You may want to use something a bit more precise. This Matlab explanation is very good and they also remove group delay introduced by LP filtering. http://www.mathworks.com.au/help/dsp/examples/envelope-detection.html