Fast in-place Walsh-Hadamard Transform

Type : wavelet transform
References : Posted by Timo H Tossavainen
Notes :
IIRC, They're also called walsh-hadamard transforms.
Basically like Fourier, but the basis functions are squarewaves with different sequencies.
I did this for a transform data compression study a while back.
Here's some code to do a walsh hadamard transform on long ints in-place (you need to divide by n to get transform) the order is bit-reversed at output, IIRC.
The inverse transform is the same as the forward transform (expects bit-reversed input). i.e. x = 1/n * FWHT(FWHT(x)) (x is a vector)
Code :
void inline wht_bfly (long& a, long& b)
        long tmp = a;
        a += b;
        b = tmp - b;

// just a integer log2
int inline l2 (long x)
        int l2;
        for (l2 = 0; x > 0; x >>=1)
                ++ l2;

        return (l2);

// Fast in-place Walsh-Hadamard Transform //

void FWHT (std::vector& data)
  const int log2 = l2 (data.size()) - 1;
  for (int i = 0; i < log2; ++i)
    for (int j = 0; j < (1 << log2); j += 1 << (i+1))
       for (int k = 0; k < (1<<i); ++k)
           wht_bfly (data [j + k], data [j + k + (1<<i)]);

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comment : How can i implement this code in matlab ?

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comment : You might want to look at the page source. This shows the "(1<" was trying to be "(1 << i)" (I hope the browser leaves that one alone): for (int k = 0; k < (1 << i); ++k) { wht_bfly (data [j + k], data [j + k + (1 << i)]); }

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comment : well sir nice work ,but how can i get the code in MATLAB . could you help me please

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