Reverberation Algorithms in Matlab

References : Posted by Gautham J. Mysore (gauthamjm [AT] yahoo [DOT] com)
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These M-files implement a few reverberation algorithms (based on Schroeder's and Moorer's algorithms). Each of the M-files include a short description.

There are 5 M-files that implement reverberation. They are:

- schroeder1.m
- schroeder2.m
- schroeder3.m
- moorer.m
- stereoverb.m

The remaining 8 M-files implement filters, delay lines etc. Most of these are used in the above M-files. They can also be used as building blocks for other reverberation algorithms.
from : brewjinm[AT]aol[DOT]com
comment : StereoVerb is the name of an old car stereo "enhancer" from way back. I was just trying to find it's roots.

from : evanus_y[AT]yahoo[DOT]com
comment : There is another allpass filter transfer function. -g+Z^(-m) H(z)=------------ 1-gZ^(-m) g is the attenuation m is the number of delay (in sampel) This allpass will give exponential decay impulse response, compare to your allpass that give half sinc decay impulse response.