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Envelope detector

References : Posted by Bram

Notes :
Basicaly a one-pole LP filter with different coefficients for attack and release fed by the abs() of the signal. If you don't need different attack and decay settings, just use in->abs()->LP

Code :
//attack and release in milliseconds
float ga = (float) exp(-1/(SampleRate*attack));
float gr = (float) exp(-1/(SampleRate*release));

float envelope=0;

//get your data into 'input'
EnvIn = abs(input);

if(envelope < EnvIn)
envelope *= ga;
envelope += (1-ga)*EnvIn;
envelope *= gr;
envelope += (1-gr)*EnvIn;
//envelope now contains.........the envelope ;)


Added on : 15/04/02 by arguru[ AT ]smartelectronix
Comment :
Nice , just a typo: //attack and release is entered in SECONDS actually in this code ;)

Added on : 17/05/05 by antiprosynthesis[ AT ]gmail[ DOT ]com
Comment :
// Slightly faster version of the envelope follower using one multiply form.

// attTime and relTime is in seconds

float ga = exp(-1.0f/(sampleRate*attTime));
float gr = exp(-1.0f/(sampleRate*relTime));

float envOut = 0.0f;

for( ... )
    // get your data into 'input'

    envIn = fabs(input);

    if( envOut < envIn )
        envOut = envIn + ga * (envOut - envIn);
        envOut = envIn + gr * (envOut - envIn);

    // envOut now contains the envelope

Added on : 14/11/05 by madgel79[ AT ]nate[ DOT ]com
Comment :
              in my code , attack_coef and release_coef are always '0'.

If I use only 'abs()' , it also work well.
why can it be possible?

Would you please give me some infomation about this problem.


Added on : 19/05/09 by bob[ AT ]yahoob[ DOT ]com
Comment :
Should use "fabsf" really.  :)

Added on : 04/09/12 by bouzidom[ AT ]yahoo[ DOT ]com
Comment :
i have a signal and i need to extract the envelope usig this code, so what are the initial attack and release values?

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