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Bandlimited sawtooth synthesis

References : Posted by emanuel.landeholm [AT]
Linked file : synthesis002.txt

Notes :
This is working code for synthesizing a bandlimited sawtooth waveform. The algorithm is DSF BLIT + leaky integrator. Includes driver code.

There are two parameters you may tweak:

1) Desired attenuation at nyquist. A low value yields a duller sawtooth but gets rid of those annoying CLICKS when sweeping the frequency up real high. Must be strictly less than 1.0!

2) Integrator leakiness/cut off. Affects the shape of the waveform to some extent, esp. at the low end. Ideally you would want to set this low, but too low a setting will give you problems with DC.

Have fun!
/Emanuel Landeholm

(see linked file)


Added on : 25/02/03 by rainbow_stash[ AT ]hotmail[ DOT ]com
Comment :

there is no need to use a butterworth design for a simple leaky integrator, in this case actually the
variable curcps can be used directly in a simple: leak += curcps * (blit - leak);

this produces a nearly perfect saw shape in almost all cases

Added on : 31/05/11 by hautwave[ AT ]hotmail[ DOT ]co[ DOT ]jp
Comment :
The square wave type will be able to be generated from this source.
Please teach if it is possible.

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