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Alien Wah

References : Nasca Octavian Paul ( paulnasca[AT] )
Linked file : alienwah.c

Notes :
"I found this algoritm by "playing around" with complex numbers. Please email me your opinions about it.



Added on : 23/11/02 by ignatz[ AT ]webmail[ DOT ]co[ DOT ]za
Comment :
need help porting this alienwah to C, i'm running linux d;>

Added on : 01/11/03 by antiprosynthesis[ AT ]hotmail[ DOT ]com
Comment :
Where to download the complex.h you included?

Added on : 03/12/04 by michelangelo79[ AT ]libero[ DOT ]it
Comment :
I need help in a linux porting too...
I think the problem lyes on complex.h
I'm just at the very beginning of DSP and I'd like to learn.
I choosed alienwah.c because it seemed short and simple... but for now wont compile under linux...

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