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Conversion and normalization of 16-bit sample to a floating point number

References : Posted by George Yohng
Code :
float out;
signed short in;

// This code does the same as
// out = ((float)in)*(1.0f/32768.0f);
// Depending on the architecture and conversion settings,
// it might be more optimal, though it is always
// advisable to check its speed against genuine
// algorithms.

((unsigned &)out)=0x43818000^in;


Added on : 15/05/07 by yuri_xl[ AT ]tom[ DOT ]com
Comment :
Hi George Yohng

I tried it... but it's create the heavy noise!!

Added on : 20/09/07 by George Yohng
Comment :
    ((unsigned &)out)=0x43818000^((unsigned short)in);

(needs to have a cast to 'unsigned short')

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