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Block/Loop Benchmarking

Type : Benchmarking Tool
References : Posted by arguru[AT]smartelectronix[DOT]com

Notes :
Requires CPU with RDTSC support

Code :
// Block-Process Benchmarking Code using rdtsc
// useful for measure DSP block stuff
// (based on Intel papers)
// 64-bit precission
// VeryUglyCode(tm) by Arguru

// globals
UINT time,time_low,time_high;

// call this just before enter your loop or whatever
void bpb_start()
// read time stamp to EAX
__asm rdtsc;
__asm mov time_low,eax;
__asm mov time_high,edx;

// call the following function just after your loop
// returns average cycles wasted per sample
UINT bpb_finish(UINT const num_samples)
__asm rdtsc
__asm sub eax,time_low;
__asm sub edx,time_high;
__asm div num_samples;
__asm mov time,eax;
return time;


Added on : 16/05/04 by pete[ AT ]bannister25[ DOT ]plus[ DOT ]com
Comment :
If running windows on a mutliprocessor system, apparently it is worth calling:

SetThreadAffinityMask(GetCurrentThread(), 1);  

to reduce artefacts.


Added on : 25/08/04 by guillaume[ DOT ]mureu[ AT ]free[ DOT ]fr
Comment :
__asm sub eax,time_low;
__asm sub edx,time_high;

should be

__asm sub eax,time_low
__asm SBB edx,time_high // substract with borrow

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