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Bandlimited waveforms...

References : Posted by Paul Kellet

Notes :
(Quoted from Paul's mail)
Below is another waveform generation method based on a train of sinc functions (actually an alternating loop along a sinc between t=0 and t=period/2).

The code integrates the pulse train with a dc offset to get a sawtooth, but other shapes can be made in the usual ways... Note that 'dc' and 'leak' may need to be adjusted for very high or low frequencies.

I don't know how original it is (I ought to read more) but it is of usable quality, particularly at low frequencies. There's some scope for optimisation by using a table for sinc, or maybe a a truncated/windowed sinc?

I think it should be possible to minimise the aliasing by fine tuning 'dp' to slightly less than 1 so the sincs join together neatly, but I haven't found the best way to do it. Any comments gratefully received.

Code :
float p=0.0f; //current position
float dp=1.0f; //change in postion per sample
float pmax; //maximum position
float x; //position in sinc function
float leak=0.995f; //leaky integrator
float dc; //dc offset
float saw; //output

//set frequency...

pmax = 0.5f * getSampleRate() / freqHz;
dc = -0.498f/pmax;

//for each sample...

p += dp;
if(p < 0.0f)
p = -p;
dp = -dp;
else if(p > pmax)
p = pmax + pmax - p;
dp = -dp;

x= pi * p;
if(x < 0.00001f)
x=0.00001f; //don't divide by 0

saw = leak*saw + dc + (float)sin(x)/(x);


Added on : 22/09/04 by sinewave[ AT ]chello[ DOT ]se
Comment :
Has anyone managed to implement this in a VST?
If anyone could mail me and talk me through it I'd be very grateful.  Yes, I'm a total newbie and yes, I'm after a quick-fix solution...we all have to start somewhere, eh?

As it stands, where I should be getting a sawtooth I'm getting a full-on and inaudible signal...!

Even a small clue would be nice.

Added on : 01/01/12 by druidbloke[ AT ]yahoo[ DOT ]co[ DOT ]uk
Comment :
this sounds quite nice, maybe going to use it an LV 2 plugin              

Added on : 17/01/16 by pvdmeer [atorsomething] gmail [point] com
Comment :
this is really amazing, and easily hacked into a lut-based algo. i'll try windowing it too, but it already looks like aliasing is well within acceptable levels.

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