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  • Mathematics of the Discrete Fourier Transform (added on 31.12.69)
    Julius Smith's elementary spectrum analysis examples with links to supporting tutorial web pages.
  • Julius Orion Smith III Home Page (added on 31.12.69)
    Julius Smith has many VERY interesting papers on his site. Worth a visit!
  • Stephan Sprenger's home page (added on 31.12.69)
    Source code on the site includes an FFT implementation and an example of using an FFT to do pitch scaling.
  • Pink noise (added on 31.12.69)
    If you want to know anything about pink noise, this is the place to be...
  • CSound source code (added on 31.12.69)
    There's a lot to learn from the CSound source code, check it out!
  • CMix source code (added on 31.12.69)
    An other open source music/dsp platform!
  • Synthesis Toolkit (added on 31.12.69)
    A very interesting open source synthesis toolkit created and used by Perry Cook and others.
  • DAFx98 papers (added on 31.12.69)
  • DAFx99 papers (added on 31.12.69)
  • DAFx00 papers (added on 31.12.69)
  • DAFx01 papers (added on 31.12.69)
  • Fun with sinusoids (added on 31.12.69)
    A page analysing various methods of sine wave generation... Really worth a look if you want to create sin-waves!
  • PortAudio (added on 31.12.69)
    PortAudio is a great open source library that simplifies cross platform audio input and output.
  • DSPGuru (added on 31.12.69)
    Great site with lot's of DSP info and some very nice "tricks". This site is somewhat the equivalent of, but for the comp.dsp newsgroup!
  • FFTWE (added on 31.12.69)
    The mother of all FFT algorithms.

    As it's name suggests, it very fast.
    (it allso does FFT's with a size that isn't a power of two)
  • Analog Devices stuff (added on 31.12.69)
    Analog devices chips source code...
  • Various FFT Algorithms and a benchmark (added on 31.12.69)
    Contains source code and benchmarks for different FFT algorithms.
  • (added on 31.12.69)
    The site is mainly a portal to several DSP related discussion groups.
  • dsp filters (added on 31.12.69)
    A Collection of Useful C++ Classes for Digital Signal Processing
  • Google (added on 31.12.69)
    The search engine that nuked all other search engines. Luke, use the google!
  • Slashdot (added on 31.12.69)
    What it sais. News for nerds, stuff that matters. Read it every day, be a geek. ;)
  • Toms hardware (added on 31.12.69)
    If you want to be up to date on all PC hardware, read this one and
  • AnandTech (added on 31.12.69)
    If you want to be up to date on all PC hardware, read this one and
  • Erik de Castro Lopo's libsndfile (added on 31.12.69)
    This is a cross-platform C library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound (such as MS Windows WAV and the Apple/SGI AIFF format) through one standard library interface.
  • PC Assembly Language (added on 31.12.69)
    Very interesting x86 assembler tutorial!
  • VST Source Code Archive (added on 31.12.69)
    Urs has used the design of and is providing a VST source code archive! Go check it out!
  • SSE Tutorial (added on 31.12.69)
    Very handy tutorial for those who want to learn SSE instructions and coding. Includes several code examples.
Motorola 56k
  • DSP Guide (added on 31.12.69)
    A complete book on DSP ready for you to download!

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